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  • You think the VG-99 is a great tool but your patches do not sound as good as you'd want
  • You just can't bear playing guitar without a set of good patches
  • You are not able to get that sound you are looking for
  • You don't have the time and patience to program all those settings (over 4000 possible settings)
  • You want top quality sound whether it's a live performance or in the studio
  • You want very high quality professional like patches, designed and programmed by a team of professionals who are real musicians and hi-tech specialists

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Once downloaded, start your "VG-99 Editor" and click "File/Import SMF...". Check this Youtube video if you need more details : Roland VG-99 - Import a patch using the VG-99 Editor

!!! Roland FC-300 for live performance !!!

Your Roland FC-300 Foot controler can be a lot more than just a patch selector device. Did you know you can assign effects on number pedals 1/6 to 5/10 ? Click here for more details: Roland FC-300 for live performance